DynaDome Retractable Enclosure Systems, a Division of Dyna Technology Inc., designs and manufactures retractable enclosure systems from our Northwest Indiana location. Operating from our own 12,000 square foot facility, all manufacturing processes are performed here and then the finished product ships to your project location. We ship all over the US and Canada.

Our Philosophy

  • We have been in the retractable enclosure systems industry since 1985 as the pioneer of retractable enclosure systems.

  • Whether your needs are for residential, commercial, industrial, military, or any other application that would require a retractable enclosed space, we can design and manufacture your custom enclosure.

  • All of our retractable enclosure systems are engineered to meet and/or exceed the International Building Code (IBC) and local building code requirements in terms of structural loads. There are no materials used on the structure that are affected by condensation or chemicals from the pool.


The DynaDome Story

In 1984, Veli Ozdemir (President of DynaDome) wanted to purchase an enclosure for his own pool that would allow his family to swim all winter in Northwest Indiana, yet enjoy the sunshine once summer arrived. After an extensive search of manufacturers, he found that no one was making such a product – the only enclosure systems available were stationary, permanent buildings.

Not to be denied, Veli went to work designing and eventually patenting an accordion-type enclosure that would provide his family with the best of both worlds… a retractable enclosure system. In 1985, a new product and a new industry was born. From that unexpected beginning, Dyna Technology Inc. has grown to become the innovative leader of the retractable enclosure systems industry. The patented DynaDome Retractable Enclosure Systems, our newest product, is designed to retract in a telescoping manner along a low-profile aluminium track. The enclosure was designed so that even a child can easily open or close the enclosure, but DynaDome does not recommend anyone other than a trained adult to operate the enclosure.