1. What is the warranty for the enclosure?

The anodized finish is backed by a 20 year warranty, and the polycarbonate sheets are backed by a 15 year non pro-rated warranty from the manufacturer against hail and discoloration.

2. Do you provide service after the assembly is completed?

Yes. If you require any service or assistance after the assembly has been completed, contact us and we will work together to resolve any issues.

3. Is it easy to open and close the DynaDome enclosure?

The enclosure can easily be opened or closed in less than a minute or two with one person for most standard size enclosures. Under adult supervision, even a child can open and close the DynaDome enclosure because of the unique design of the roller system.

4. Will the DynaDome keep all of the leaves and bugs out of the covered area?

In the extended/closed position, almost all of the leaves, bugs, dirt and debris will be contained outside of the enclosure so that you can enjoy the pool more, while doing less maintenance.

5. Will I be able to stand upright in my enclosure?

The standard inside wall height starts at 7 feet and increases from there as the frames get larger for the telescoping feature. Most people will have no problem walking around the enclosure without feeling cramped or enclosed.

6. Can DynaDome provide assembly assistance?

Our enclosures are priced to include a factory-trained supervisor for the duration of the assembly. They will guide your team to a successful assembly and most projects are completed within 3 days – start to finish!

7. How long does it take for delivery?

Typically, it will take between 6-8 weeks to ship the order once the application for permit has been approved, if applicable. The actual shipping time will be based on several factors such as your contractor’s ready date, weather delays, supplier delays, time of the year, etc. Our average lead times are much quicker than anyone else’s because we manufacture everything right here in Northwest Indiana.

8. Do I need to obtain a building permit for the DynaDome pool enclosure?

Our enclosures are designed to meet the International Building Code requirements as it relates to the structural requirements. A building permit requirement will be based on the governing jurisdiction for your area. You will need to consult with a building official locally to determine if you need a building permit for our enclosure systems. Regardless if a permit is required or not, we provide all of the necessary documentation including engineering plans stamped by a licensed engineer for your state or district.

9. Can I substitute my fence with your pool enclosure?

Since the pool enclosure is a retractable structure, it is not considered a safety barrier preventing unauthorized access to the pool area. However, some municipalities allow for the use of an auto cover to take the place of a fence requirement. Contact your local building official for more information.

10. Do I need a solar cover or thermal blanket?

Yes! DynaDome absolutely recommends a thermal blanket at a minimum. The cover will keep the pool from losing heat as well as minimizing your condensation within the pool area. The solar cover will help to retain approximately 95% of the heat and water. So, if you are using the pool every day for 2 hours a day, then the other 22 hours of every day you will be saving on energy costs and water loss.

11. Can I swim in the winter?

A secondary source of heat may be required depending on personal preferences and location. The swimming pool is required to be heated with its own heater, and, when not in use, covered with the thermal blanket. To heat the space, you will have a combination of the radiant heat from the pool, the greenhouse effect from the polycarbonate sheet, and the heat from the secondary source providing more than enough heat creating a pleasant environment for swimming. Ideal temperature inside the space during non-summer days is 74 degrees for most people. If it is warmer than 74 degrees, then opening windows and using exhaust fans help to control the climate and environment inside the space.

12. I live in an area where wind is a concern. What are the maximum winds that the enclosure can withstand?

Our structures are designed to withstand your local requirements in terms of snow and wind and other structural loads. We design all of our structures to comply with your local building code requirements. If you live in an area where wind is a concern and you are not sure if our structures are adequate, please contact us.

13. I live in northern Wisconsin where it snows more than other areas of the country, can the DynaDome withstand the snow loads in our area?

Our structures are designed to withstand your local requirements in terms of snow and wind and other structural loads. We design all of our structures to comply with your local building code requirements. If you live in an area where wind is a concern and you are not sure if our structures are adequate, please contact us.

14. Do I have to remove the snow from the roof?

No. You do not have to remove the snow from the roof of our enclosures. It is designed based on the building code requirements for your area. That includes snow piling up on the roof. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

15. How do I maintain the enclosure?

No maintenance is required for the operation of the enclosure outside of the standard cleaning within the space.

16. What are the requirements for the pool deck?

For new construction projects, we provide the necessary concrete requirements to your contractor. For existing pool decks, the requirements vary depending on your area. Please contact us if you have questions regarding your pool deck.

If you are attaching the enclosure to the house wall, then you will be required to support the enclosure on a frost line foundation wall.

If the enclosure is free standing, then a majority of our enclosures can be supported with the typical 4” reinforced slab that is provided by most pool contractors.

17. What is the maximum span DynaDome enclosure you offer?

Our largest span retractable enclosure is approximately 120 feet wide. Since we custom design and engineer all of our enclosures per project, the appropriate structural members are selected depending on your project’s location.

18. Can I install the track flush with my pool deck?

It is a requirement that the tracks be mounted flush (on top of) the existing deck. The track has ramps on either side that act like a threshold; thus, tripping is not a concern.

19. Can the DynaDome enclosure be attached to the house?

Absolutely. We have designed many enclosures that have been attached to the house, both lean-to enclosures and enclosures without an end-wall that start at the house. We custom design all of our enclosures to meet the needs of our customers.

If you have a question regarding an attachment to your home, please contact us. We work with architects all of the time to design solutions for our customers.

20. What colors are available for the enclosure?

The standard colors for the aluminum are Satin anodized and Dark Brown/Bronze anodized. We use the longer lasting anodizing to protect the aluminum.

In the past we used Powder Coating for the color options, but after 3-5 years, the Powder Coating would crack and peel. We felt that the structure deserved a quality finish, which is why we chose anodizing. It will last 20+ years.

The polycarbonate sheets come in clear, bronze, opal or white colors.

21. What are the components of the DynaDome enclosure?

The structural components (framing members) are aircraft quality aluminum alloy 6061 T6. The aluminum is anodized to clear or bronze color. The anodized aluminum resists corrosion from the chemicals in the pool and air so that your structure will not degrade over time. All the fasteners are stainless steel to provide the bolt strength required for all the critical joints and are stainless steel so there won’t be any rusting bolts on our enclosures. The glazing on the roof is multi-wall polycarbonate sheet that provides thermal insulation and filters out most of the harmful UV rays from the sun. The polycarbonate comes in four colors: clear, bronze, opal and white. Custom colors available on request. The vertical glazing on the walls are solid transparent polycarbonate to provide that glass room look without the risk of breaking a panel. This solid polycarbonate is flexible to the point that the manufacturers claim it is virtually unbreakable. Thus, no rock or ball will break the glazing.