“Can I Swim Year Round?” This question gets asked on almost every call here at DynaDome. And let’s face it – being able to swim year-round is why you are looking at enclosing your pool in the first place, right?

In most North American regions, the swim season is typically limited to the “warm” season between Memorial Day and Labor Day. And even though you might be content with a pool that can only be used 3-5 months of the year, does the weather always cooperate with your schedule during those 3-5 months? Probably not. We recall that during the summer of 2013, it seemed that the weekend weather was always the worst for swimming, but during the weekdays, the conditions were almost always perfect for swimming!

What use does a swimming pool actually have if you can’t swim in it when you want?

This is precisely why we recommend a DynaDome pool enclosure to anyone and everyone who has a pool! Can you swim all year round with a DynaDome Pool Enclosure? The answer is an “absolutely yes!” And in most cases, you can do so without any additional heat sources besides the sun! Typically, the inside space of a fully-enclosed pool area experiences a 50-60 degree difference in temperature between the inside and the outside on a sunny day, and a 20-30 degree difference if it’s overcast.

Additionally, during the daytime, this heat is being absorbed by the objects and deck around the pool area. Then, when night falls, this heat continues to radiate from the environment and provide a comfortable swimming temperature.

So whether it’s raining, shining, or all-out blizzarding, your DynaDome will be there to save the day whenever you feel like going for a dip in the pool.

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