You might be surprised, but this is one of the most common questions we get from people who are trying to decide how they want their new enclosure designed and installed. Sometimes the layout of your backyard or outdoor space just won’t accommodate a completely stand-alone enclosure, or perhaps you really want to keep the route from house to pool completely indoors.

This is when attaching the DynaDome enclosure to the house becomes a great option. Yes, this is to say that we can do it! We work with architects all of kinds to design custom solutions for our customers. But just to give you an idea of your options, we have designed many enclosures that have been attached to the house – both lean-to enclosures and enclosures without an end-wall that start at the house.

Here are some examples of lean-to enclosures:

Notice how the lean-to enclosure “leans” on the house without the other support side.

Here is an example of an enclosure without an end wall:

With an enclosure such as this one, the end wall is missing since it is directly attached the end of the building. In this case, the wall of the building happens to be open, but we can also do this against a closed wall.

Rest assured that we custom design all of our enclosures to meet the needs of our customers. If you have a question regarding an enclosure attachment to your home, restaurant, hotel, etc., please contact us at or (800) 726-DYNA (3962) or request a quote by clicking the image below.