Benefits of a DynaDome

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Safety Improvements


All of our enclosures are equipped with entry/exit doors that have locking hardware with keys. Whether you are away on vacation or at work, you can feel safe that there will be no unauthorized access without a key. Kids will not be allowed to go swimming without using the key to gain access. Thus, you can feel safe that there won’t be any accidents.

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Save Energy

When your pool is not in use, DynaDome always recommends using a thermal blanket or auto cover. During those days that the sun is shining and the enclosure is in the closed position, the heat gain generated from the solar transmission effect is greater than the heat loss through those same panels (greenhouse effect). Thus, the pool water and air temperature are being heated by the sun which translates into less energy costs for you to heat the space or pool!

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Tighten Security

Just like your home, the DynaDome enclosure requires the appropriate key to gain access into the pool area. While you are inside the pool, the internal locking hardware allows you to enjoy swimming with peace of mind knowing that others may not gain access.

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Increased Privacy

privacySimply by choosing privacy panels for your polycarbonate choice (white color works best), you can enjoy the pool in your own privacy away from the prying eyes of neighbors or passers-by on the street.

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All Year Swimming

winterFor most of the country, simply adding the enclosure will provide you with year-round swimming without adding any additional heat source to the space. For those parts of the country where the average winter temperature is less than 30 degrees, an additional heat source may be required to supplement the air temperature to a comfortable level. However, in most cases, since the pool is only being used (at most) 2 hours a day, the other 22 hours of the day do not have to be heated. Thus, proper planning and discussion with our engineers will guide you in the appropriate direction for the ideal space for comfort and year round swimming.

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Fewer Insects


When the enclosure is retracted, the pool is obviously outdoors like any other swimming pool without an enclosure. But, when the enclosure is extended and covering the pool, the sliding windows with screens allows for the night time breeze without those pesky insects. And, when not in use during the daytime, those same insects are not allowed to enter the pool area and fill up your filters! Less insect exposure overall!

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Control UV Exposure



Because all of our panels come equipped with UV blocking agents to block 99% of the harmful UV rays, when the enclosure is closed you do not have to worry about any skin related diseases due to UV.

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Reduce Chemical Use



Due to the UV blockage from the panels, your pool’s chemical use is reduced greatly if using a chlorine based system. UV is one of the main reasons you need to add chlorine because those UV rays burn the chlorine. But with our enclosure’s UV blocking panels, the chlorine needs are greatly reduced.

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Decrease Maintenance



Maintenance will be a task of the past with our DynaDome enclosure. No more skimming the insects, leaves, dirt or debris. Greatly reduced chemical needs so you won’t be spending time balancing the pH levels of your water. No time needed to do any cleaning at all. Just open the enclosure and start swimming!

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