We’re approaching the dog days of summer now and we’re getting a lot of people asking this question lately: does the DynaDome enclosure get hot in the summer time?

To answer this question, let’s first discuss how a DynaDome Retractable Enclosure System is similar to a greenhouse. Not familiar with how greenhouses work? Essentially, greenhouses are able to absorb and retain radiation from the sun, which heats up the air inside. That solar radiation – combined with the heat and moisture that rises up from the ground – helps the growth of vegetation since it is in a hot and humid environment. So in that sense, just as greenhouses are widely used to cultivate exotic fruits and vegetables, DynaDome enclosures are used to cultivate fun pool or patio memories (when they otherwise couldn’t be made, such as in the winter)!

Speaking of winter, in Northwest Indiana (where we are located), it was 25 degrees outside in January. However, because of the heat retention properties of the DynaDome, the temperature inside the enclosure on that same day was actually 76 degrees!

This probably gives you a good idea of how hot they can get; DynaDome enclosures tend to absorb and retain heat from the sun. However, unlike a greenhouse, since the DynaDome is a moveable structure, it isn’t “air-tight” but it still gains heat faster than it loses it. Another way of thinking of it is when a closed car gets really hot on the inside in the summer time – it’s unavoidable, but there some ways that you can reduce the effects of unbearable temperatures.

How to Stay Safe From the Summer Heat Inside a DynaDome

While you can save money on pool maintenance and cleaning by having a DynaDome, it is very important to keep your safety in mind when utilizing the enclosure in the summer.

First thing’s first – proper ventilation is key when it comes to cooling down the inside of your DynaDome enclosure on a hot summer day. You know those sliding doors and windows that are built in to your enclosure? Use them! They will be your best friends on a hot day, especially if your enclosure can’t be opened full-scale. Installing or using air fans will also help with the ventilation.

If your enclosure can retract – which takes less than one minute to do so – this will also help cool down the area as this is the best ventilation method of all.

Second, remember to keep plenty of fluids around to prevent dehydration. This is a given, but we thought we’d mention it anyway!

If the heat doesn’t sound appealing, just remember that the benefits of a DynaDome still far outweigh the alternative of not having one at all! In fact, a DynaDome enclosure might prove itself in the winter, since you won’t have to worry about frigid temperatures when you feel like going for a dip in the pool.

What other methods have you found useful for cooling down your enclosed area? If you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (800) 726-DYNA (3962) or request a quote by clicking the image below.