How do I maintain the enclosure?

No maintenance is required. DynaDome pool enclosures are designed so that you do not need to maintain the structure at all.
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Do I have to remove the snow from the roof?

No. You do not have to remove the snow from the roof of our enclosures. It is designed based on the building code requirements for your area. That includes snow piling up on the roof. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Do I need a solar cover or thermal blanket?

Yes! DynaDome absolutely recommends a thermal blanket at a minimum. The cover will keep the pool from losing heat as well as minimizing your condensation within the pool area. The solar cover will help to retain approximately 95% of the heat and water. So, if you are using the pool every day for 2 hours […]
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Is it easy to open and close the DynaDome pool enclosure?

The enclosure can be opened or closed in less than 2 minutes with one or two persons, depending on the size of the enclosure.  Under adult supervision, even a child can open and close the DynaDome pool enclosure because of the unique design of the roller system.
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Do you provide post‑installation service?

Yes we do.  Absolutely.  If you require any post‑installation service or assistance, contact us and we will work together to resolve any issues you have.
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