What is the maximum span pool enclosure you offer?

Although it depends on the area you live in, DynaDome enclosures can span 60 foot clear span. However, we can span greater distances with custom engineering. If you have a project that requires larger spans or any questions regarding the span, please contact us.
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What are the requirements for the pool deck?

For new construction projects, we provide the necessary concrete requirements to your contractor. For existing pool decks, the requirements vary depending on your area. Please contact us if you have questions regarding your pool deck.
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Do I need a solar cover or thermal blanket?

Yes! DynaDome absolutely recommends a thermal blanket at a minimum. The cover will keep the pool from losing heat as well as minimizing your condensation within the pool area. The solar cover will help to retain approximately 95% of the heat and water. So, if you are using the pool every day for 2 hours […]
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Do I need to obtain a building permit for the DynaDome pool enclosure?

Our enclosures are designed to meet the International Building Code requirements for both Residential and Commercial buildings as it relates to the structural requirements. Your need for a building permit is determined based on the local requirements of your city or municipality. If a permit is required, we provide all necessary documentation for you to […]
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