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Can the DynaDome enclosure be attached to the house?

Absolutely. We have designed many enclosures that have been attached to the house, both lean-to enclosures and enclosures without an end-wall that start at the house. We custom design all of our enclosures to meet the needs of our customers. If you have a question regarding an attachment to your home, please contact us. We […]
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Can I install the track flush with my pool deck

It is a requirement that the tracks be mounted flush with the existing deck. The height of the track is less than the diameter of a dime so tripping is not a concern (actual height is 0.625″).
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Do I need to obtain a building permit for the DynaDome pool enclosure?

Our enclosures are designed to meet the International Building Code requirements for both Residential and Commercial buildings as it relates to the structural requirements. Your need for a building permit is determined based on the local requirements of your city or municipality. If a permit is required, we provide all necessary documentation for you to […]
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How long does it take for delivery?

Typically, it will take between 6-8 weeks to process and ship the order once it is received. The actual shipping time will be based on several factors such as your pool contractor’s completion date, your permit receipt date if a permit is necessary, weather delays, supplier delays, etc. The estimated ship date is provided on […]
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Can I install the enclosure myself?

Call us to discuss your options regarding installation.
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Do you provide post‑installation service?

Yes we do.  Absolutely.  If you require any post‑installation service or assistance, contact us and we will work together to resolve any issues you have.
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What is the warranty for the enclosure?

The structure and finish are backed by a 20 year warranty, and the polycarbonate sheets are backed by a 10 year non pro-rated warranty from the manufacturer against hail and discoloration.
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