If you enjoy swimming in the pool, then the summer of 2012 has turned out to be one of the best summers for you with record-setting days in the 90’s and 100’s across much of the country.  Although this summer has been very cooperative for all those outdoor planned events by the pool, it isn’t likely to be considered the new normal.  Typical average summers have their fair share of bad-weather days ruining plans for that outdoor party.

However, like every year, summer is coming to a close soon, and that outdoor pool will need to be closed.  Pool service companies are scheduling pool closings now starting after the labor day weekend.  For many of you avid swimmers that want to get the most out of your investment and use the pool longer despite the weather, I suspect your pool will be open through October where at that point you are forced to close the pool.  Or are you?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could continue the pool enjoyment from the typical Memorial Day to Labor Day “season” to all year round?  And, wouldn’t it be great if you could actually have a summer every year like this year with no planned events being canceled due to weather?  What would you say if I told you that all you would need to do to enjoy your pool year round is to have a DynaDome Pool Enclosure installed?  It’s true, and in most cases, you wouldn’t need any additional work to be done for that dream to become a reality!

Swim Year Round! Even if there is snow and ice built up all around your pool enclosure!

DynaDome is based in Northwest Indiana only 35 miles southeast of Chicago.  We experience the typical Chicago winters with an additional gift from Lake Michigan in the form of “lake effect snow” and brutal winds.  In other words, it gets really cold in the winter!  Despite all that Mother Nature delivers us, several local customers have installed DynaDome pool enclosures at their homes without any additional heating and can still swim year round.

If you have been thinking about adding a pool enclosure to your backyard, now is the time to start your planning and schedule your installation.  Fall and Winter are our busiest times of the year because most people are not thinking about enclosing the pool when the weather is nice and they are enjoying the pool.  The late summer, early fall planning quickly fills the schedule and ultimately delays some of our customers’ installations past Thanksgiving and into Christmas.

Call us now to start the process of planning the space, designing the enclosure and scheduling that installation  for your DynaDome Pool Enclosure!  Then you can start scheduling your winter, spring, summer or fall pool parties and not worry about your event being cancelled due to weather.  With DynaDome, we’ve got you covered!