YMCA of the Suncoast – Citrus County, FL | 80′ x 130′

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Asheville JCC | 78′ x 101′

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Wilmington, IL | 35′ x 73′

This 35′ clear span x 73′ length fully retractable DynaDome allows this customer to escape from the busy city work everyday! No matter the weather, they can always count on being able to come home to get a few laps in or relax in the hot tub. On this project, we utilized 16mm PCSS roof […]
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Preferred RV | Pahrump, NV

Preferred RV | Pahrump, NV Preferred RV | Pahrump, NV These wonderful people at Preferred RV really did their homework when it came to their enclosure. They decided not to take anyone’s word and go travel the country in their, you guessed it, RV and visit all of the different enclosures and different companies that […]
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Town of Highlands, NC | 88′ x 130′

Highlands, NC This motorized 88′ clear span x 130′ length fully retractable DynaDome Retractable Enclosure System is the only one of its kind! We are excited to be the only company in the world that can span up to 100′ and be a fully retractable enclosure. On this project, we utilized 16mm PCSS roof glazing […]
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Chicago, IL | 28′ x 57′

Paris Club | Chicago, IL The famous Paris Club of Chicago was very successful in filling their party room with DJs and guests. So successful that the neighboring hotels and residents complained of noise. DynaDome provided them a solution that allowed the glass ceiling while also being soundproof. They were hoping to reduce the amount […]
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Taylorville, IL
26′ x 55′

Taylorville, IL To go along with their new pool, our friends in central Illinois wanted to enjoy their pool for longer than what most Midwesterners experience, so they decided on getting a DynaDome!
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26′ x 55′

Narol, MB Canada | 36′ x 50′

Narol, MB Canada Even in Canada, you can use the pool year-round and not worry about the snow and brutal, cold days that are frequent for our neighbors to the North. Our customer loves their enclosure and sent us a note thanking our team for delivering them a great product. Read it here!
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Valparaiso, IN | 34′ x 61′

Valparaiso, IN
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Colts Neck, NJ | 44′ x 86′

Colts Neck, NJ Used as a training pool during the winter as well as a privacy pool for confidential usage, the US Navy extended the use of their pool from 7 months to year round. Instead of diving in the ocean during the winter months, now the US Navy Weapons Station personnel can train privately […]
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