We absolutely love our dome you built over our new pool. When we began talking about building a pool, we knew that we wanted one that we could use year-round. We are in our 60’s and joint problems are a major concern for us. It didn’t make sense to build a pool that could only be used a few months each year.

Not only do we have about 200 oak trees on our property that would mess up a pool, but we also have weather that is too cold to swim in during the spring, fall and winter. We can now swim and work out in our pool twice a day and Wade’s joints are more flexible than they have been in almost 20 years. We are able to keep the water temperature at a nice level by heating it for about an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening, and this is November.

There is very little cleaning of the pool needed, a wonderful feature of the Dyna Dome covering it.