We installed our DynaDome last fall. We live just outside of Winnipeg Manitoba. Our climate is one of the severest you can find with temperatures as low as -35C in winter to +38C in summer. We were able to use out pool all the way to Nov 15th when our neighbors with an outdoor poll had closed theirs after the September long weekend. We will be reopening the pool the last week of April when everyone else will be lucky to open June 1st. Our enclosure in early spring already gets as warm as 85.0F during the day. We have a hot tub inside the enclosure which we use all year long. It’s nice to be sheltered from -45C wind chills! When it’s really nice outside we simply retract the enclosure and now have an outdoor pool. Our shelter is 36′ W x 49′ L so when retracted there’s a 35′ opening. We love the high sidewalls and ceiling height. We looked at the competition and they were quite claustrophobic compared to ours. The structure is very strong. We had the 50% more snow this year than average and the coldest winter in 118 years and the enclosure came through with absolutely no issues. We had over 24″ of snow on top of the enclosure! A lot of our friends have now seen the DynaDome and are amazed that there are not more out there in our area. We installed the entire enclosure in 4 days (Over a weekend plus the Friday and Monday) DynaDome’s installation people were great to work with and put in a great effort.

William & Karilyn Vis