So you’re interested in getting an enclosure installed for your pool or patio, eh? With so many options out there, we don’t deny that it can become a cumbersome process just choosing which company to go with. That’s why we have put together this list of things you should consider when shopping around for your new enclosure.

Company Track Record. The company’s history should be one of the main considerations when choosing an enclosure company. After all, a company that has been in business longer will usually have all their ducks in a row – this is to say that they’ll have more efficient designing, planning, and installation processes, better communication with customers, and higher standards than other companies. (DynaDome has been in business since 1985, and in fact, we introduced the world’s first retractable pool enclosure that same year)!  Also, any post-installation needs will be serviced better by a company that has been around longer and is established as a leader in the industry.

Reviews/Testimonials. Dovetailing off of company track record, reviews and testimonials are another important aspect to consider when deciding which enclosure company to invest in. After all, around 90% of consumers now turn to the Internet to research their next purchases. This is astounding, but what’s even more astounding is how often purchase decisions are made based solely off online reviews. (See testimonials about DynaDome enclosures here).

Warranties. We won’t deny that an enclosure can be a hefty investment, which is why it is extremely important for an enclosure company to offer good warranties on their products. Sometimes things happen that are out of our control – perhaps something wasn’t installed correctly or the glazing is discoloring earlier than expected; these are things that any good enclosure company should cover under warranty. (Get an idea of what warranties DynaDome offers here).

So as not to overwhelm you with information, we’ve split this post up into two parts.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Pool or Patio Enclosure Company – Part II

Do you agree with these first three aspects of things to consider? What else would you add?

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